Automating on-line shopping with Huginn and YuNoHost

My partner likes to shop online more than physically going to shops. The fact that we live in a pandemic for the last years also helped to avoid going out in general.

This weekend I’ve decided to help my partner and set up a Huginn instance, so I could configure several web scrappers to notify her when prices change, or specific sizes become available. Some shops have the “subscription” concept, but most often when she gets to see the email, the product is gone already. That’s considering that the “subscription” feature even work.

Huginn let us configure many “agents” which work together to complete tasks. We connect agents in a pipeline where events (JSON objects) navigate from one agent to the next. There are many available agents already, scrapping websites, sending emails, checking weather, etc. You can find more details in the official wiki.

I’ve installed my Huginn instance using YuNoHost. YuNoHost is a super awesome project with the vision to simplify maintenance of self-hosted applications for the small web. If you want to have a personal VPS with low maintenance, I recommend you to consider YuNoHost as your Linux “distribution”. Many tasks and best practices are followed, and allows you to focus on using your self-hosted services in a shorter time.

Installation of YuNoHost on Debian 11 (bullseye)

As of today, the Debian bullseye version is not supported by the latest stable YuNoHost. Currently, YuNoHost for Debian 11 is in “beta” stage.

we consider that it should be okay to upgrade to or install a fresh Yunohost 11.0+ running on Bullseye for a production server if you are a tech-savvy person not afraid to debug stuff if needed.

I’m a tech-savvy person, so I went on and installed the YuNoHost 11.0.7 (testing). 🙂 Of course there is a risk of something to not work, and I’ve hit one issue. The domain I use with my YuNoHost server is managed by AWS Route53 and the boto3 library was missing after a fresh install of YuNoHost 11.0.7 .

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'boto3'

It was simple enough to fix, I just needed to install boto3 and things worked fine.

sudo apt install python3-boto3

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